Insurance disputes
Insurance disputes and their resolution: pre-trial settlement
In order for you and me to understand what insurance disputes and judicial practice are
Passport replacement at 20 and 45 years old
Outline of the article: 1. Introduction. 2. Application deadlines. 3. Where can I change my passport? 4. Documents
plots for large families
Providing plots to large families
Thanks to the law, families with more than 3 minor children (natural or adopted) can receive free
young family program
Young family in St. Petersburg: program, conditions, queue
The target program of St. Petersburg “Youth - affordable housing” is currently one of the most
marriage contract
Marriage agreement: completed sample, download, on separate property
Now many of our compatriots are thinking about the need to conclude a marriage contract.
marriage contract
Drawing up a marriage contract: cost, sample from a notary, in marriage
The concept of “nuptial agreement” found application in Russia a little more than 20 years ago.
contributions to SNT
Gardeners' fees: membership, targeted, tax exemption
But the partnership bears the expenses, because it needs to draw up documents, develop infrastructure, pay wages
What documents are needed for a child’s personal insurance: how to get it and why
After all, minors in Russia need to have quite a lot of documents.
pensioner's ID
How to get a pension certificate: through the MFC, through government services
Registration of a pension certificate is always a very labor-intensive and complex operation.
Paying for studies with maternity capital: documents, deadlines, tax deductions
This year the tax office will pay me 33 thousand rubles.
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