Passport replacement at 20 and 45 years old

Outline of the article:
1. Introduction.
2. Application deadlines.
3. Where can I change my passport?
4. Documents for replacement.
5. Visit to the MFC.
6. Submission of documents to the MFC.
7. Difficulties with replacing your passport.
8. Refusal to replace your passport.

At the age of 20 and 45, Russians are required to change their passport. Such a legal requirement is due to the fact that age-related changes have occurred, and a person no longer looks like his passport photo.

Application deadlines for passport replacement

By law, an application for a replacement passport is required to be submitted within 30 days from the date of turning 45 or 20 years old. In some cases, this period can be legally extended (for example, if a person is seriously ill and is in the hospital or is undergoing military service). But usually government bodies require strict compliance with the requirements of legal acts. If this deadline is missed, administrative liability may arise. The size of the fine imposed depends on where exactly the person lives, but, as a rule, the amount varies in the range of 3-5 thousand rubles.

Where can I change my passport?

You can apply for a replacement at the MFC, the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or on the Gosuslugi website. An individual has the right to independently decide which way is best to change the document. In most cases, people submit applications through State Services or MFC, because this seriously saves time.

Documents for replacing a passport on the territory of the Russian Federation

To replace your passport for age reasons, you must provide the following documents:

• application in a special form;
• original of previous passport;
• recent photographs of the applicant;
• military ID (subject to availability);
• certificates from the house management regarding registration;
• receipt of state duty with a note about payment (or transaction data);
• marriage certificate (if its provision will be considered current);
• information about children (including those under guardianship).

In this case, a person may not bring a marriage certificate or birth certificate to the MFC. Multifunctional center specialists cannot refuse to issue a certificate due to the lack of supporting documentation. A citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to receive a passport without marks, and then simply contact the MFC or the Ministry of Internal Affairs to have them stamped.

Visiting the MFC to replace your passport

Admission to the MFC to replace an identity card is carried out according to the rules of both live and online queues. You can sign up in advance to submit documents by phone or through the online portal of the multifunctional center. With standard office workload and provided the package of papers is fully completed, submitting an application to the MFC will take no more than 15-20 minutes. While waiting your turn, you can pay the state fee online or using a special terminal located in the MFC office.

How do you submit documents to replace your passport?

When accepting documents to replace a passport from a citizen, the center specialist checks the completeness of the package and compares the person’s appearance with the photographs provided.
After that, he takes the papers and hands over a receipt with the application number and the actual date of receipt of the certificate. You can check in advance about the readiness of your passport by tracking the operation on the official website, but it is better to wait for a message from the multifunctional center. The period for replacing a passport depends on where exactly the application was submitted. If a person has submitted the necessary documents at the place of permanent registration, then a new passport will be issued 10 days after the actual application to the multifunctional center. If a citizen applied at his place of registration (i.e. residence), this period will be increased to 30 working days or more. You must pick up your passport at the MFC within a month from the date of receipt of the notification. If you cannot obtain a document from an individual, you can issue a power of attorney so that someone else (for example, a relative) receives an identity card. Otherwise, the application for exchange and the passport itself will be cancelled. If a person is hospitalized, he can notify the multifunctional center about this: in this case, they will make concessions for him and allow him to pick up the document later.

Who may have difficulty replacing their passport?

In some cases, obtaining a new passport involves certain difficulties. They may arise if a person did not replace his passport on time, lost it, or cannot contact the MFC at his place of registration (but only at his actual place of stay). But in the latter case there are certain concessions. In accordance with FMS Order No. 339, Russians can apply for a passport exchange in any region. In this case, you just need to provide a document that confirms the person’s temporary registration.

Can they refuse to replace a passport?

Age-related replacement of a passport is regulated by legal acts and is mandatory, but it may be suspended for some time. This is usually due to the fact that the person:

• did not provide all necessary documents;
• made a statement with errors and blots;
• brought a photo of a different size;
• did not provide a certified translation for some documents (if necessary).

After all errors are corrected, the passport replacement procedure will be resumed. If any questions arise, a person can call the hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the MFC. If a citizen believes that he was illegally denied a new passport, he can make a request and wait for an official response. As a rule, such situations are resolved quickly and successfully.

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