Insurance disputes
Insurance disputes and their resolution: pre-trial settlement
In order for you and me to understand what insurance disputes and judicial practice are
Divorce from a foreigner
It can be difficult for two people to find mutual understanding in a family, even when they profess the same faith
How to resist debt collectors?
In order to adequately perceive collection agencies, it is necessary to understand that this is a private company not
Alimony agreement
Alimony for minor children or other disabled relatives can be paid not only by decision
Residence permit in the Czech Republic
Of course, no one can give a firm guarantee of a positive response from the embassy to the application for
Dominican Republic
How to become Dominican
The Dominican Republic has a maritime climate. The Cordillera mountain ranges provide relief from the sweltering heat. Industry developed
emergency house
What actions should be taken to ensure that the house is recognized as unsafe?
A house with cracked walls, rotten floors and similar defects poses a threat to the lives of residents
Bailiffs and insurance
Most recently, we wrote that bailiffs decided to begin implementing their new
The procedure for exchanging an apartment for a house
It happens that after living in an apartment for a long time, a person has a great desire to move into
New allowance 3000 rubles
Due to the epidemiological situation, the population of the whole world found itself in a very difficult life situation,
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