Documents for applying for an old-age pension

documents for retirement

Upon reaching a certain age, every Russian citizen can begin applying for a pension. Additionally, a number of conditions must be met - it is important to know what documents are needed to apply for a pension, the procedure for submitting them and the deadlines for consideration. Where to start this procedure and what needs to be done first?

List of mandatory conditions

The main legislative acts according to which old-age pensions are calculated are laws No. 400-FZ and No. 167-FZ. The first describes the registration rules and payment procedure, the second describes the features of pension insurance.

Basic registration conditions:

  • Retirement age. For the male part of the population it is 65 years old, for the female part - 62.
  • Insurance experience. It must be at least 15 years old.
  • The IPC value is from 30 points.

At the same time, the list of documents for registration of a pension will be smaller than for an insurance one. The minimum work experience for the latter is 7 years.

The time spent completing compulsory service in the Armed Forces, maternity leave, and the time taken to register with the Employment Service in case of loss of a job are counted.

The insurance type of payments is much more profitable than the social one. Providing conditions must be taken care of in advance. It is recommended to get a permanent job in order to obtain the required 15 years of experience.


The influence of working conditions on retirement age

The accepted procedure for registering a pension also depends on additional factors. These include place of residence and the presence of working conditions harmful to human health. They affect the minimum age for retirement, as well as the procedure for calculating seniority and IPC.

If the following factors are present, documents for applying for an old-age pension can be submitted earlier than the standard deadline:

  • have work experience in the Far North or equivalent regions of the country;
  • for those injured during the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the age limit was reduced by 10 years;
  • harmful working conditions, time is calculated individually for each case.

To receive the benefits described above, supporting documents necessary to assign a pension under special conditions are presented. These may be entries in work books, certificates or extracts. This must be taken care of in advance - recalculation of due payments may take longer than standard pension registration.

Documents for registration

You should prepare documents in advance for applying for an old-age pension. This can be done while still working to minimize time costs. It is recommended to make an independent preliminary calculation of the monthly cash benefit, based on the available data on work experience and other factors.

Six months before your expected retirement date, it is recommended to do the following:

  • visit the Pension Fund branch, find out the exact list of documents and the current requirements for their execution;
  • clarify the work schedule of specialists in order to agree on the time of the visit in advance;
  • At your place of work, start collecting the necessary information for calculating your pension - certificates, statements.

You can also find out by phone or on the PF website where to apply for a pension: the exact address of the local branch, opening hours and contact phone number. They will also provide complete information on what documents are needed to apply for an old-age pension in 2020.

Additionally, it is recommended to monitor the latest changes in legislation. They may relate to raising the age limit, additional conditions, and the amount of estimated cash payments. This can be done on the official website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Rules for filling out an application

To draw up an application to the Pension Fund, it is recommended to take a standard form from the branch or download it from the Pension Fund website. You cannot do it in free form, otherwise you will be required to provide a new document. There is an accepted procedure for filling out the form.

To receive a pension, you need to correctly enter the following information:

  • full name of the PF branch where documents are submitted;
  • indicate the number of the insurance certificate;
  • actual citizenship at the moment;
  • place of registration and residence, if they do not match;
  • ID card data;
  • information about places of work;
  • if the applicant has dependents;
  • type of pension - according to age;
  • list of attached documents;
  • date, signature and transcript of the latter.

When writing, you must be guided by the current rules. There are explanations for each section in the form. If you have any questions, you can contact PF representatives.

The fact of a change of citizenship, surname or first name must be indicated in the application. Otherwise, the data will differ from the information in the work book or other official statements.

Additional documents

In addition to the application, you need to prepare supporting documents. Most of the information about the applicant is in the Pension Fund database, but in some cases, when considering periods of work before 2002, problems may arise - incorrect or incomplete information will affect the amount of the pension.

Since you can apply for an old-age pension only if you provide truthful and confirmed information, you need to submit the following documents:

  • application according to the sample described above;
  • ID card, photocopy of all pages;
  • work book, copies of all sheets;
  • for men - military ID;
  • data for transferring money – current account, bank card;
  • for those working before January 1, 2002 – certificate of income;
  • certificates confirming non-standard working conditions.

For correct calculation, data on contributions from 2002 to 2014 will be used. and points since 2015

Pension Fund representatives may also request the following information:

  • Marriage certificate;
  • information about children;
  • certificate of residence in the Far North.

The processing time, subject to the rules for filling out and submitting the package of documents, is up to 10 working days. In this case, the applicant has 3 months to correct inaccuracies and errors. The reconsideration period begins once correct information has been provided. To submit an application, you can use the functionality of the State Services website.

Accrual and payment procedure

Complex formulas are used to calculate pension payments. The calculation method depends on the length of work experience, place of work, and the amount of contributions to the Pension Fund. The best way to correctly calculate the amount due is to go to the Pension Fund website and use an online calculator.

Factors influencing the size of the retirement benefit upon retirement:

  • the size of the official salary;
  • selected pension option;
  • length of actual work experience;
  • service in the armed forces, duration of maternity leave, similar circumstances;
  • if the application was submitted after the deadline.

To calculate the insurance pension, the term “Survival Age” was introduced, which is 19.5 years. The total amount of savings deposits should be divided by 234 months to get the exact monthly figure.

Additionally, other pension savings allocated within the framework of the Pension Fund programs can be used. It is important, after accruing payments at the Pension Fund branch, to compare them with your own calculations.

  1. The difference shouldn't be significant.
  2. There are no plans for significant changes in pension legislation in the near future, until the end of the latest reform - until 2025.
  3. The video provides a detailed list of documents and information on the correct registration of an old-age pension in Russia:

How to apply for an old-age insurance pension

Once a person reaches a certain age, he can apply for an insurance pension. For her appointment in 2019-2020. Certain conditions have been developed, the careful observance of which will allow you to receive cash payments on time, eliminate negative emotions and problems during registration.

Currently, a flexible system for providing documents for receiving an old-age pension has been developed. Submission of information is possible through the Pension Fund, Multifunctional Centers, and the State Services portal. The pensioner independently chooses the method of delivery of funds that is convenient for him.

Conditions for assigning an insurance pension

In accordance with current legislation, Russian citizens who have reached retirement age are entitled to an insurance pension. If before 2019 the payment was assigned to men when they turned 60, and to women when they turned 55, then as part of the reform, the retirement age will gradually increase to 65 and 60 years, respectively.

This provision applies to all Russians. The exceptions are:

  • Women are civil servants. The age limit for them is 63 years.
  • Groups of persons specified in regulations who have the right to early termination of employment.
  • Citizens who have completed a certain insurance period. For representatives of the weaker sex this is 37 years old, for the stronger sex - 42. In this case, it is allowed to assign a payment 2 years earlier than the established age, but only if the woman is 55 years old and the man is 60 years old.

The second condition for processing old-age pension payments is related to length of service. A person must work for at least 15 years if he stops working in 2024, 10 years if retirement age comes in 2019.

Another condition is to achieve a pension coefficient of 30. For those who retire in 2019, it is enough to score 16.2 points. Subsequently, the coefficient is increased annually by 2.4 to achieve 30 in 2025.

Where to apply

When a citizen reaches retirement age or a month before the specified date, he must apply personally, through a representative or employer, to one of the following institutions:

  1. Territorial multifunctional center.
  2. Local branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The application is accepted at the place of residence, residence or stay.
  3. It is possible to send documentation by mail, submit it on the Pension Fund website or through the State Services portal.

Those Russian citizens who are not registered in the country and live outside its borders must submit documents to the central office of the Pension Fund located in Moscow.

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What documents are needed?

Along with the application for an insurance pension, you must provide:

  • Identification. For residents of Russia, this is a passport. For permanent residents abroad - a residence permit or other similar document. Certificates are not provided when submitting an application electronically through the fund’s website, the Unified Government Services Portal.
  • A work record book or a document that replaces it and contains information about length of service, work time, breaks in work activity. This could be an employment contract, a civil contract, a certificate from the employer, or an extract from the order. The information must be reliable and include full name, date of birth, education, place of employment, position. The signature of an authorized representative of the employer and a seal are required.
  • A certificate containing data on the average monthly salary for the 5 years preceding January 1, 2020. For the period 2000-2001, information is received from the employer or through the electronic system of the Pension Fund.

If necessary, a citizen applying for a pension provides additional documentation requested by the Pension Fund. The legislation defines a three-month period for this.

About appointment dates

The insurance pension is calculated from the date of filing the application, but not earlier than the moment the right to assign it arises. The exception is when a person applies to the Pension Fund 30 days after dismissal. In this case, the start of payment is the day after the termination of the employment contract.

The decision on appointment is made within 10 days from the date of submission of all necessary documents or the last one. In this case, everything must be provided within 3 months from the date of registration of the application.

Ways to receive a pension in 2019-2022

The legislation provides for a flexible system for receiving an old-age insurance pension. A person has the right to independently choose the method and organization of delivery of funds. Money can be paid in person or by proxy in the following way:

  1. Post office. Delivery is carried out to your home. Also, a pensioner can come to the branch at his place of residence and receive money. Each post office has a schedule, but the date may change due to holidays, weekends, and other circumstances. If a person does not receive a pension within six months, its accrual stops. To resume transfers, the pensioner needs to contact the local branch of the Pension Fund.
  2. Bank. Funds are transferred to an account or card. When issuing a card, only the MIR payment system can be used.
  3. An organization specializing in the delivery of pensions. A citizen can receive money at home or come to the office on their own.

List of 6 documents for applying for an old-age pension

What is the list of documents for applying for an old-age pension in 2020, where to submit them and what certificates, extracts and acts no longer need to be provided to start the procedure - a practicing lawyer and the author of the column will tell you about all this, as well as the procedure for submitting papers and the deadlines for consideration. Question-Answer” – Oleg Ustinov.

Pension 2022 – general provisions and changes

Let us immediately note that the main legislative acts regulating the process of calculating old-age pensions in the Russian Federation are Federal Laws No. 167 and No. 400. The last of them establishes the rules for registration, as well as the actual procedure for calculating accruals, and the first lists the nuances and main features of pension insurance in Russia.

It follows from this that the list of basic mandatory conditions for registration includes:

  • The retirement age for the female part of the population of the Russian Federation is 60 years, and for the male part - 65 years (according to the law signed on October 3, 2020).
  • The so-called “IPC value”, starting from a threshold of 30 points.
  • Real insurance experience, the period of which must be at least 15 years.

You can familiarize yourself with the text of Federal Law No. 400 by downloading its current content from the link.

If only the age requirement is met, the citizen can count on regular social payments from the state. In addition, the list of required documentation will be smaller than if the insurance period threshold has been reached.

Today, the minimum threshold for an insurance pension is a period of 7 years. During this period, citizens also receive credit for:

  • Maternity leave;
  • conscript service in the Armed Forces;
  • the period when a person was registered with the Labor Exchange (starting from the day of submitting documents to the Employment Center) upon dismissal.

Note that the insurance type of accruals is more profitable than just the social one. However, in this case, the citizen must take care of ensuring all the necessary conditions in advance. All that is necessary for this is to officially get a permanent job and obtain at least 15 years of work experience.

Do working conditions affect retirement age?

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the accepted procedure for calculating and registering a pension may be influenced by certain additional factors, which, for example, include: working conditions harmful to the employee’s health or his place of residence. Both of these conditions can affect not only the reduction of the minimum retirement age, but also the actual procedure for calculating the IPC and length of service.

In addition, the employee’s presence of the following factors is the basis for earlier transfer of documents for registration of an old-age pension:

  1. Harmful working conditions . In this case, the retirement age is calculated individually, based on the characteristics of the labor process.
  2. Persons injured as a result of the Chernobyl accident . In 2020, the age limit was lowered by 10 years.
  3. Carrying out work in the conditions of the Far North , as well as in regions of the Russian Federation similar to natural conditions.

In order to receive the above benefits, individuals must present to employees of the relevant organizational structures the documents that are needed to assign a pension under special conditions. These include extracts, as well as certificates from the place of work, work books and other documentation stored in the employee’s personal file.

In addition, you must declare your desire to take advantage of these benefits in advance! Indeed, in this case, calculating payments may take much longer than processing a regular pension.

Also, it is worth noting that today it has become possible to take into account the work experience that was obtained by a citizen of the Russian Federation in other CIS countries. To do this, the interested party should provide the relevant documents with translation (if necessary) into Russian. At the same time, any currency will be converted, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Preparation for registration

Experienced lawyers recommend preparing documents for applying for an old-age pension in advance, so that if one of them is missing, you have time to get a duplicate of it or restore a sample. Please note that you can collect legally required papers while still working. This will help significantly reduce time costs.

So, first of all, start with an independent preliminary calculation of the actual regular cash benefit, guided by the data you have (work experience, working conditions, etc.).

About 6-7 months before your estimated retirement date, follow these steps:

  • Visit your local FIU office and ask its staff for the current list of documents, along with the current documentation requirements.
  • Find out the exact work schedule of the specialists whose services you will soon need.
  • Contact your employer with a request to obtain from him or the personnel officer the necessary information for calculating pension accruals (statements, certificates, etc.).

In addition, you can visit the official website of the Pension Fund or find out by phone where it is best for you to carry out the registration procedure. It happens that, due to the characteristics of the workplace or residence, the best option for registering a pension is considered to be not a local one, but another authority.

During this same period, we recommend that you begin to monitor the latest legislative changes (for example, by bookmarking our website and visiting it occasionally).

How to make an application to the Pension Fund when applying for a pension

Let us immediately note that drawing up this important document in any form in 2020 is considered a gross mistake and such an application will be rejected! To compile it correctly, you will need to download the current form from the Pension Fund website or personally take it from the employees of this organization. Let's look at the established procedure for filling out this form.

So, to apply for a pension, the applicant must enter the following information on the form :

  2. full name of the PF branch to which the documents will be provided;
  3. information about places of work;
  4. passport details;
  5. actual place of residence and registration, if for some reason they do not coincide;
  6. citizenship at the time of application;
  7. type of pension (for example, old-age pension);
  8. information about existing dependents (if any);
  9. a list of all documents provided to the Pension Fund;
  10. signature with transcript and date.

When filling out this application, we recommend that you follow the established rules and check everything with the explanations that supplement all sections of the form. If you still have questions, you can write to us or ask for an answer by calling a PF specialist.

Another important rule is the mandatory indication of the fact of change of citizenship or full name! Otherwise, the information will be considered outdated, because the data will differ from what is available in the certificates and extracts transmitted to the Pension Fund.

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What documents are needed to apply for an old-age pension in 2022?

In addition to a correctly drawn up application, the future pensioner must provide a package of documents for registration of a pension, which includes the following certificates and papers:

  1. military ID (for persons who have completed military service in the Armed Forces);
  2. work book, as well as copies of all its sheets;
  3. main identity card (passport) with photocopies of all its completed pages;
  4. payment information (for calculating government payments) – bank card (number) and current account;
  5. certificate of income (only for persons who began working after January 1, 2002);
  6. certificates confirming the presence of special non-standard working conditions.

In addition, sometimes PF specialists require that you provide them with other documents, for example:

  • marriage certificate;
  • certificate of residence (relevant for people who worked in the Far North);
  • birth certificates of children.

Deadlines for submitting documents

If all the above rules for filling out the form and collecting documents have been taken into account, the period for obtaining a pension will be approximately 10 days. Otherwise, the applicant will have another 3 months to correct errors and inaccuracies. The reconsideration period will begin with the resubmission of papers.

Important : We remind you that in order to submit documents, you can use the State Services portal. This will significantly speed up and facilitate the process.

It is worth noting that the transfer of the necessary documentation to the Pension Fund must be carried out within thirty days after his dismissal from work! If you don’t make it in time, the deadline for calculating your pension will be shifted!

Features of accrual and nuances of the payment procedure

Today, complex formulas are still used to calculate regular pension payments, using factors such as place and working conditions, length of work experience, amounts of contributions to the Pension Fund, etc. The most effective way to calculate the amount due to you by law is to use an online calculator on the official website Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

The main factors that can significantly affect the size of the retirement pension in 2020 are:

  1. length of service, namely its duration;
  2. period of maternity leave, compulsory military service and similar circumstances;
  3. the pension option chosen by the citizen;
  4. time for submitting an application and documents when processing pension payments.

In addition, for a more accurate calculation of the so-called insurance pension, it is customary to be guided by the “survival age”, which is 19.5 years.

At the same time, when calculating, the total amount of all savings deposits is divided by 234 months, as a result of which we obtain the exact monthly figure. At the same time, when making calculations, other pension savings that were allocated within the framework of Pension Fund programs can be used.

You can find even more information on this topic in our other articles and this expert video:


How to apply for an old age pension in 2022

The state pays an old-age insurance pension as compensation for lost earnings. The future pensioner will need to have a certain number of documents, a minimum amount of work experience and pension points.

And of course, reach retirement age, which is 65 and 60 years for men and women, respectively. It is necessary to prepare all documents for the Pension Fund in advance - 1 month before the expected date of retirement.

Minimum insurance period and pension points in 2022

In Russia, to retire, you must have at least 11 years of work experience. At the same time, its indicator is gradually increasing, and after four years it will be necessary to have a minimum amount of experience - 15 years.

The minimum length of service for retirement in 2020 is 11 years.

In itself, work activity is not work experience. It is calculated only in the case of official employment of the employee, when the company regularly pays insurance premiums.

  1. Also, the length of service includes caring for a child (up to 1.5 years), a disabled child, military service, and more.
  2. According to the law, since 2015 in Russia, the total amount of the accrued pension depends not only on the length of service, but also on the number of pension points earned and their value.
  3. Pension points are calculated based on annual earnings. Therefore, a high official salary allows you to accumulate more points.

The minimum number of earned pension points that allows you to retire in 2020 is 18.6.

But every year, the minimum pension score increases, and in 4 years it will be about 30.

Earned pension points, or rather their number, can be found out at the local Pension Fund or on their official website.

Amount of pension payments in 2022

It is quite easy to calculate the amount of the expected or already accrued pension. To do this, you need to multiply the number of pension points by the value of the pension point (the value is taken at the time of the expected date of retirement), and add a fixed payment to the result.

From January 1, 2020, one pension point costs 93 rubles, and the fixed payment is 5,686.25 rubles. However, these values ​​change annually.

That is, following the formula, it turns out that the pension amount is equal to pension points multiplied by 93 and added to 5,334.19 rubles.

In addition, some workers can apply for an old-age pension in 2022 early . Such employees include:

  • Working in difficult and dangerous conditions;
  • Employees of the regions of the Far North or equivalent to them;
  • Teachers and honey. employees with 25 and 30 years of experience, respectively;
  • Mothers of many children (who gave birth and raised up to 8 years old) of 5 or more children;
  • Mother/Fathers who raised a disabled child.

Pensioners can choose the organization through which they want to receive their pension. They also have a choice of receiving method:

  1. home delivery;
  2. cash desk at the post office;
  3. monthly payment will be made to a bank account;

Documents for registering a pension at the Pension Fund

To apply to the Pension Fund, you must provide the main list of documents:

  1. Statement;
  2. Passport or residence permit;
  3. Employment history;
  4. Document on average monthly earnings for 5 consecutive years;
  5. Document from the place of work;
  6. Certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
  7. Men need a photocopy of pages 1, 3 and 8 of the military ID, confirming the period of military service;
  8. Bank account details for calculating payments

A complete package of documents must be submitted to the Pension Fund at the place of temporary registration or permanent place of residence.

We answer the question: how to apply for an old-age pension

The vast majority of citizens of the Russian Federation enjoy their right to retire, but few know how to apply for pension payments, what documents are needed for this and where to go. These nuances are discussed in detail in this article.

Stages of applying for an old-age pension

To begin with, we should mention the requirements for a citizen to accrue an old-age insurance pension. These include:

  1. When an employee reaches a certain retirement age.

In 2019, men who have reached the age of 60.5 years and women who have reached the age of 55.5 years can apply for cash payments in old age.

  1. Having a sufficient number of pension points.

Pension points accumulate throughout the citizen’s entire period of work. Their number directly depends on the amount of insurance premiums. This year (2019), the minimum required number of points to receive an insurance pension is 14.

  1. Sufficient length of work experience.

To receive the insurance part of the pension, it is important to have a total length of work experience of at least 10 years.

Important! In connection with the ongoing reforms, the conditions for assigning pensions in Russia will become more stringent, and the above requirements will change upward.

The list of documents required for registration of a pension is quite wide, so you should take care of collecting and processing them in advance, approximately 3 months before the expected date of retirement.

The following documents are required to be provided:

This is the main identification document. Without a passport, it is impossible to perform almost any legally significant action.

This document is the main confirmation of the citizen’s work activity. The work book contains all information about employers, periods of work, and positions of the employee. Sometimes it happens that all the entries do not fit on one form. In this case, an insert is drawn up in the work book.

All entries contained in this document must be confirmed in orders issued by the employer. Their details are indicated in the work book. The Pension Fund has the right to request copies of these orders to confirm the relevant information. This happens when discrepancies arise between the information specified in the work book and the data in the Pension Fund database.

A green “card” with the number of the personal account in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, where insurance premiums for the employee were transferred.

  1. Application for a pension.

When applying in person, the form is issued by Pension Fund employees.

Sample application:

The above documents are mandatory when applying for an insurance pension for all categories of applicants. However, in some cases additional paperwork may be required:

A document confirming the period of military service. Provided by persons who are (have been) in the reserves of the RF Armed Forces.

  1. Certificate of disability.

This document, issued on the basis of a decision by the ITU, is submitted by citizens recognized as disabled.

  1. Documents confirming the presence of dependents.

If a pensioner is supported by dependents (for example, minors), then he is entitled to a higher pension.

  1. Child's birth certificate.

For the most part, it is provided by women who were on maternity leave.

  1. Documents confirming the change of personal data.

For example, such a document includes a marriage certificate, when a woman, after its conclusion, takes her husband’s surname.

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Attention! Based on specific circumstances, the Russian Pension Fund may request other documents not listed in this list, including within the framework of interdepartmental interaction between government agencies.

  • There are several ways to apply for an old-age pension.
  • A citizen who has the right to receive an old-age pension has the right to contact the Pension Fund office at his place of residence.
  • You can submit an application to the Pension Fund before your retirement date, but no more than one month in advance.
  1. Through your personal account on the Pension Fund website.
  1. In this case, personal appearance with original documents will still be necessary.
  2. Multifunctional centers located in every municipality of Russia have good accessibility and convenient opening hours, which implies the opportunity to use government services (including on issues related to the assignment of pensions) in one place without visiting the relevant government agencies.
  3. Documents can also be submitted by a representative of the applicant, but his authority must be confirmed and certified properly.
  4. It is also possible to submit documents by mail.


In accordance with the law, the period for consideration of an application for an old-age pension is no more than 10 days. However, it should be borne in mind that it can be extended if, for example, the applicant provided an incomplete package of documents.

Reference! The ten-day period begins to run from the moment the documents are received by the Pension Fund employees. If the application is submitted through the MFC or by mail, then approximately 3 more days should be added to this period, during which it will be delivered to the pension fund.

If the application was returned due to inaccuracies in the documents, then the citizen has 3 months to correct the shortcomings and submit the application again. Only if this deadline is met will the date of submission of papers be considered the date of the initial application.

A pension is assigned to a citizen from the moment the application is submitted.


The citizen submitted documents on January 20. Accordingly, he will be assigned pensioner status no earlier than the 30th. However, the pension will be paid from January, but not for the full month, but from the 20th day - the date of application.

Subtleties of design for men and women

Men and women do not retire at the same age. Representatives of the stronger sex become pensioners later, at 60.5 years, and women at 55.5.

As a result of pension reforms, there were plans to equalize the retirement age for all citizens, but in the final version of the reform it was established that the retirement age for men would be set at 65 years, for women at 60 years.

There are no significant differences between the procedure for applying for a pension for men and women, with the exception of the age of application.

Early retirement

In Russia, certain categories of workers can count on early retirement. The grounds for such a benefit are harmful working conditions, work in the regions of the Far North, large families, etc. Also, public sector employees - health workers and teachers - can take advantage of the right to early retirement.

There are more than 30 such preferential categories of citizens and each of them has its own characteristics related to the calculation of length of service and the grounds for assigning maintenance. Pension payments to them are also carried out by the Pension Fund, for which a standard package of documents must be provided to them confirming the applicant’s identity, work experience, and grounds for the benefit.

Registration by power of attorney

If the future pensioner does not have the opportunity to deal with issues of registration of pension payments personally, then he can delegate these powers to a third party. However, this fact must be certified in the manner prescribed by law, that is, a notarized power of attorney must be issued.

Important! A power of attorney can be drawn up for absolutely any person. The main condition is his full legal capacity.

The document itself should indicate the powers that the principal grants to the authorized person. For example, this is submitting documents to a pension fund. You can also specify the possibility of collecting various papers for the Pension Fund if the existing package of documents is incomplete.

Sample power of attorney:

And finally, there are cases when it is possible to establish this or that fact that is important for calculating a future pension only through the court. In this case, the power of attorney must provide powers related to the conduct of affairs by the authorized person in the interests of the principal in the courts.

Registration of a pension by proxy does not imply the transfer of the right to dispose of the funds received to the authorized person directly involved in this issue.

Documents for applying for an old-age pension

All people retire after finishing their working career. Registration of a pension is a very important stage that needs to be taken care of in advance.

Having reached retirement age, a person makes a very important decision for himself - to stay at work or retire. Regardless of the choice, everyone must begin the procedure of collecting documents to apply for an old-age pension.

Many people mistakenly believe that this procedure is very complicated. It's a delusion. It is important to start this process in advance - about 20 days before retirement.

On this page you will find a list of documents for applying for an old-age pension in 2020. We will also tell you about the features of registering a pension for military pensioners.

Women aged 60 and men aged 65 must come to the Pension Fund at their place of residence.

List of documents for obtaining a pension

The most important thing is to know what documents are needed to apply for an old-age pension in 2020. This list will help you collect them in the shortest possible time:

  • Employment history.
  • Certificate of residence.
  • SNILS.
  • Certificate of income for 5 years before 2002.

As you can see, there is nothing unusual in this list. These documents are collected in 1-2 days.

In order to receive additional increases in your pension, you must collect additional certificates that confirm the fact that you should receive bonuses. For example, if you worked in the Far North, then you may receive an increase.

All entries in the work book must be accompanied by the order number and the date of its issue. However, it happens that the book does not confirm the details of the entries. In this case, it is necessary to show a document that confirms what is written in the book.

All records of hiring and dismissal must be accompanied by the official seal of the institution and the signature of the supervisor.

Documents for obtaining a pension for military pensioners in 2022

Documents for applying for pensions for military pensioners in 2022.

Military pensioners have some peculiarities in obtaining a pension. A military pension can be applied for before reaching the required age.

Since, according to the law, military personnel, police officers and the Ministry of Emergency Situations have the right to receive a pension after 20 years of service.

Also, people in this category can apply for a pension with a total work experience of 25 years, if they have completed at least 12.5 years of military service.

List of documents for obtaining a pension for military pensioners in 2020:

  • Passport
  • Prescription
  • Military ID or other document that confirms the fact of service in the army or other law enforcement agencies
  • Private bussiness
  • Certificate of registration
  • Clothing and money certificates
  • Insurance pension certificate
  • Employment history

You may also need documents confirming the conferment of federal awards. They affect the amount of benefits, and significant premiums are paid for them.

Federal awards include:

  • Order "For Merit to the Fatherland".
  • Title "Hero of Russia".
  • Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.
  • Olympic champion title.

The entire procedure for applying for an old-age pension in 2020 will not require much time from you. It is important to prepare the entire set of documents on time in advance.

Subtleties of applying for an old-age pension

When applying for a pension in 2020, you will definitely be assisted by employees of the Pension Fund. If something doesn’t work out for you, they will definitely help you.

After you have collected all the documents, take them to the nearest branch of the Russian Pension Fund. One of the employees there will take these documents from you. Copies of documents are accepted subject to certification by a notary.

If you are not sure that you have collected a complete list of documents, then it does not matter. The Pension Fund employee will tell you what papers you will need to submit next time.

Before the day when the applicant reaches retirement age, he must have some time left, at least 20 days. This guarantees that all necessary documentation will be completed on time.

Application for an old-age pension

In addition to all the documents, you must fill out an application for an age pension 2017. An application for a pension is a strictly regulated document. The application has a standard form, which is regulated by the rules of the Pension Fund. You need to be very careful when filling out.

A sample application form can be downloaded from the official website of the pension fund.

Requirements for filling out an application for an old-age pension:

  • Cap: indication of the addressee in whose name the application is written, indicating the position, organization, surname and initials of the manager, as well as the surname, first name, patronymic of the person from whom the application is written.
  • Title.
  • Basic text for registration of pension benefits. It contains the following points:
    • With a request for a pension.
    • About the length of work experience.
    • About the presence of a work book with inserts.
    • About additional copies of employment contracts (if any).
    • About the availability of an insurance certificate indicating the number.
  • Date the application was filled out.
  • Applicant's signature.


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