contributions to SNT
Gardeners' fees: membership, targeted, tax exemption
But the partnership bears the expenses, because it needs to draw up documents, develop infrastructure, pay wages
Paying for studies with maternity capital: documents, deadlines, tax deductions
This year the tax office will pay me 33 thousand rubles.
Alimony from a military serviceman under a contract, from a pension
Withholding and payment of alimony benefits is possible if the following conditions are met:.
Payments of child benefits on the map of the world
Payments of child benefits (for pregnancy and childbirth, at the birth of a child, for child care,
Single mothers in the military: with children under 14 years of age
Nowadays, this status has acquired legal significance and is used for social and
single mother
What benefits does a single mother of three children have?
Raising a child alone most often turns out to be a woman's job, since fathers do not find
lump sum allowance
For families with many children
State support for families with three or more children.
Vacation pay taxes: when and how to pay, transfer deadlines
Features of the calculation and payment of taxes are considered a dynamic category.
Tax for large families: transport, income, land, property
One of the main directions of state social policy is support for the institution of family and child protection.
witnesses at the registry office
Witnesses at the registry office: are they needed or not when registering a marriage?
Now it is regulated by the Family Code, and the answer to the question whether witnesses are needed in the registry office
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