Residence permit in the Czech Republic


Of course, no one can give a firm guarantee of a positive response from the embassy to an application for a residence permit.
However, there are ways to increase your value in the eyes of Czech officials. There are three of them in total. The first is the most effective, but also the most expensive.
The goal is to achieve an individual approach to your documents. In this case, a positive decision by Czech officials is most likely. The remaining options increase your chances, but no more.
The second way is to visit the Czech Republic on a tourist visa and during your stay buy real estate and open a company.
This will take a minimum of time - the Interpraga company will carry out all the preparatory work before your arrival. Make the legal address of the company the address of the purchased property. And the final step is to transfer part of your funds to the Czech Republic, namely, open an account in a Czech bank for 4,000 euros. The third method is relevant for young people.
They need to enroll in preparatory courses at Charles University and apply for a student visa. And after the first extension, apply for an entrepreneur visa. 1000 euros for courses will need to be paid after receiving a student visa. There is no need to worry about entering Charles University. The failure rate is negligible. The penultimate method is to submit documents in Europe.
To do this, you need to have an account with 4,000 euros in a Czech bank and a Schengen multiple entry visa valid for the next 6 months. Sometimes embassies require a court interpreter to be present at the interview. We will provide it to you. If, for various reasons, none of the methods are suitable, then it makes sense to use simpler tricks.
For example, apply for a residence permit in the Czech Republic at the beginning of the year, since at the end the percentage of refusals is very high. If your visa is still refused, then keep trying. You will still get it!

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