Alimony agreement
Alimony for minor children or other disabled relatives can be paid not only by decision
divorce papers
What documents are needed to file for divorce?
Divorce is a rather painful process for couples, and if minors become hostages in it
property division
How to file for division of property after divorce: sample claim, statute of limitations
Spouses divorce for various reasons, and this process is always unpleasant, and one of the procedures
compensation for kindergarten
Compensation for kindergarten: how much and how to apply
According to Russian legislation, kindergarten services are paid for - there is a fixed payment.
parents with children in the hospital
Children in the hospital with their parents: up to what age according to the law
The problem is that according to the law, parents over the age of 5 do not have a bed.
What documents are needed for a child’s personal insurance: how to get it and why
After all, minors in Russia need to have quite a lot of documents.
paternity certificate
Certificate of paternity: sample, how to obtain, state duty
The child's parents have an equal right to raise the child.
Receiving child benefits without registration: now it is possible
For this purpose, many leave their hometowns to live and work where
Didn't get into kindergarten: what to do, is compensation due?
In many cities, there has long been a problem of lack of places in public kindergartens.
child traveling abroad with grandmother
How to register a child traveling abroad with his grandmother: what documents are needed
In this article we will look at how to issue a power of attorney to a grandmother for a child.
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