New allowance 3000 rubles
Due to the epidemiological situation, the population of the whole world found itself in a very difficult life situation,
benefits for single mothers
Single mother's allowance
In this regard, legislative acts prescribe privileges for single mothers and
young family program
Young family in St. Petersburg: program, conditions, queue
The target program of St. Petersburg “Youth - affordable housing” is currently one of the most
postpartum payments
Postnatal payments: for the first child, for the second and third
One of the parents can receive all payments.
lump sum payment
One-time payment from maternity capital: 25 thousand in cash
Activities for social support of family citizens who have adopted or given birth to a second child provide the opportunity
Low-income family in the Moscow region: what payments and benefits?
The Russian government provides significant assistance to low-income families.
underage marriage
Marriage of minors: entry and dissolution of marriage
Divorce is always an unpleasant and painful thing.
lump sum allowance
For families with many children
State support for families with three or more children.
Procedure for adopting a child
How to adopt a child: from an orphanage and from an orphanage
After all, in this way, it is possible to reduce the number of children who are left without parental care and live
Recalculation of alimony: for the past period, by bailiffs, taking into account the amount paid
Litigation regarding the amount of alimony obligations is one of the most common in Russia.
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