What actions should be taken to ensure that the house is recognized as unsafe?

A house with cracked walls, rotten floors and similar defects poses a threat to the lives of residents and can be considered unsafe.

There is an opinion that houses to be demolished are necessarily outdated, although this is not the case. It is not at all necessary for an object to be recognized as an emergency; it needs to be about a hundred years old.

Property built many years ago, but taking into account all construction standards and using high-quality materials, can be used for a long time and not pose a threat to residents. At the same time, the new building may be completely unsuitable for habitation. The reason for this may be improper construction and installation work in violation of all rules.

In order for a house to be recognized as unsafe, compelling reasons are needed. If they are obvious: the wall is cracked or obvious damage is generally visible, then it is easier for the residents to prove that they are right. It is more difficult for those apartment owners who constantly feel unwell while in the house. In one case or another, you need to request a real estate survey.

First of all, you should contact an expert company that is licensed to conduct a full examination. After which you need to notify the interdepartmental commission, which operates under the municipal authorities, about your actions.

A property is considered unsafe if it is not suitable for habitation. Experts also take into account the fact that major repairs will not bring results.

There are general rules according to which a building is considered unfit for use. In the first case, cracks are visible on the walls of the house, the ceilings are completely rotten or the supporting structures are damaged, and deformation of the foundation is also noted.

Natural disasters can also lead to destruction: fire, explosion, earthquake. Objects that are in the destruction zone are dangerous to life. For example, in the spring a house collapses due to floods or landslides. The area near the power line is also recognized as a dangerous zone.

Real estate is considered emergency if hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological standards are violated. This happens when the level of radiation is increased or an excess of dangerous chemical elements is detected in the air. Also, residents of houses near which there are objects with increased noise can apply for recognition of their place of residence as unsafe.

Within a month, officials must respond to the application of residents who want to recognize the house as unsafe. If the result is negative, then residents can go to court. This must be done within three months.

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