When can an unemployed person retire early?
  It is not so rare that situations arise when an employee has a couple of days left before retirement.
documents for retirement
Documents for applying for an old-age pension
Upon reaching a certain age, every Russian citizen can begin applying for a pension.
pensioner's ID
How to get a pension certificate: through the MFC, through government services
Registration of a pension certificate is always a very labor-intensive and complex operation.
Marriage procedure: what documents are needed
An application for marriage is a necessary document on the basis of which the state will register a family
evasion of alimnets
Malicious evasion of alimony payment: how long, criminal law, judicial practice
This obligation is absolutely not affected by the relationship between parents, the presence or absence of a stamp on
Moscow shift - list of schools, second shift July, third shift August
Moscow schoolchildren may not go anywhere in the summer, because in the capital itself a mass of
Help for low-income families: how to apply for social and financial assistance
The main act regulating whether a family belongs to the low-income category is the Decree of the Moscow Government dated 26
Pre-retirement status: at what age, benefits, what it gives, through government services
To take advantage of pre-retirement benefits to save money and protect your rights, you must confirm your pre-retirement status.
Agreement on payment of child support: sample, size
If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please contact the online consultant form
Air tickets for pensioners: buy at a reduced price, cheap
Subsidized air tickets for 2020 are already on sale.
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