Divorce from a foreigner
It can be difficult for two people to find mutual understanding in a family, even when they profess the same faith
divorce papers
What documents are needed to file for divorce?
Divorce is a rather painful process for couples, and if minors become hostages in it
claim for division of property
Division of property after divorce: sample application
If the divorcing couple cannot reach an amicable resolution to the issue of joint division
property division
How to file for division of property after divorce: sample claim, statute of limitations
Spouses divorce for various reasons, and this process is always unpleasant, and one of the procedures
marriage contract
Marriage agreement: completed sample, download, on separate property
Now many of our compatriots are thinking about the need to conclude a marriage contract.
marriage contract
Drawing up a marriage contract: cost, sample from a notary, in marriage
The concept of “nuptial agreement” found application in Russia a little more than 20 years ago.
Social care and guardianship of children
Every little person should have loving parents who support in any situation, accompany
paternity certificate
Certificate of paternity: sample, how to obtain, state duty
The child's parents have an equal right to raise the child.
marriage application form
Marriage registration form at the registry office: download
The procedure for performing registration actions at the registry office is impossible if the decision of the newlyweds is not clothed in
Schengen permit for a child: is registration required if traveling with one parent?
Trips to Schengen countries are no longer rare.
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