How to resist debt collectors?
In order to adequately perceive collection agencies, it is necessary to understand that this is a private company not
emergency house
What actions should be taken to ensure that the house is recognized as unsafe?
A house with cracked walls, rotten floors and similar defects poses a threat to the lives of residents
Bailiffs and insurance
Most recently, we wrote that bailiffs decided to begin implementing their new
The procedure for exchanging an apartment for a house
It happens that after living in an apartment for a long time, a person has a great desire to move into
line to kindergarten
Queue for kindergarten in Moscow: how to get in with registration, with temporary registration and without registration
After the birth of a child, parents who do not have Moscow registration ask the obvious question - how
alimony from vacation pay
Is alimony withheld from vacation: from compensation for unused vacation, from vacation pay, from educational leave
The rights of minor children to receive financial assistance from a non-domestic parent are strictly
What documents are needed for a child’s personal insurance: how to get it and why
After all, minors in Russia need to have quite a lot of documents.
maternity leave
On maternity leave for the father of a child: how to apply and what payments will be made
It is so customary in our country that on leave to care for a newborn,
Grandmother on sick leave with grandchildren: how to pay, documents
Any family member, including grandmother, can receive a certificate of incapacity for work, provided
certificate of family composition
Certificate of family composition: what documents are needed, where to get it, through government services
Certificates and Documents › How to obtain an extract from the house register through State Services.
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