When can an unemployed person retire early?


It is not so rare that situations arise when an employee has a couple of years left before retirement, but such an employee is not employed, and the Employment Center cannot find him a suitable job.
Of course, such a citizen himself asks the question: is it possible to apply for an old-age pension early, since he is never offered a job? This is possible, but only under certain conditions.
In cases where an unemployed person has not yet reached retirement age, but has a total work experience of at least 25 years for males and 20 years for women, and also when a citizen is fired due to the liquidation of an organization or reduction in staff, at the suggestion of the employment service, he may assign an old-age pension two years earlier.
If you have been laid off, and all other conditions for granting early retirement also apply, then of course you need an entry in your work book stating that you were laid off due to staff reduction.
If for some reason there is no such record, then you can contact your former place of work, and they will make such a record or correct the erroneously filled out work record. However, you need to understand that referral to such an early old-age pension is not guaranteed.

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