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Due to the epidemiological situation, the population of the whole world found itself in a very difficult life situation, the Russians were no exception.
The economic situation in the country leaves much to be desired; many enterprises simply closed, leaving hundreds and thousands of people without jobs and livelihoods. The state is looking for ways and solutions, does not stand aside and is constantly taking some measures to support families with children and large families. After the government signed a decree allocating 5,000 per child, families with maternal family capital received a flurry of indignation from citizens: “Why don’t other children want to eat?” “Families in which there is no MSK are no longer families and there are no children there?” etc. There were a lot of questions, dissatisfaction and bewilderment. The state is trying to support all citizens of its country, pensioners, medium and small businesses, medical and social workers. But support for families with children remains a priority. A lot of support programs have been created, are being successfully implemented, and new ones are being created. On April 8, 2020, the President, during his next appeal to citizens, proposed another support measure, an allowance of 3000, for each child under 18 years of age, which will be paid for April, May, June 2020.
This measure will allow people to exit the self-isolation regime with minimal losses and survive a decrease in income. On April 12, 2020, a resolution was published that came into force on the day of publication, which stated who and how will receive this benefit. Who is entitled to a monthly payment of 3000
This support measure is provided only to those families raising minor children where one or both parents (adoptive parent, guardian, foster parent, trustee) are unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Only: - citizens of the Russian Federation can count on this benefit ;
— families raising minor children;
— families where a parent/parents (adoptive parent, guardian, trustee, foster parent/parents) lost their job after March 1, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic;
— families where the parent/parents who lost their job (adoptive parent, guardian, trustee, foster parent/parents) officially have unemployed status.
The situation with those who lost their jobs due to the epidemic before March 1, 2020 (precisely because of the coronavirus epidemic) will be considered on an individual basis.
How to receive an allowance of 3000
To receive support from the state in the amount of 3 tr, it is necessary:
​​- the parent/parents (guardians, adoptive parents, adoptive parents, trustees) have citizenship of the Russian Federation;
- one of the parents (guardians, adoptive parents, foster parents, trustees) be officially unemployed, i.e. register with the Employment Center and receive unemployed status;
— have minor children in their care;
— job loss must be related specifically to the coronavirus pandemic.
All applications are submitted online, through the State Services portal, the Central Employment Service website and through the “Work in Russia” website; you do not need to visit any organizations, everything can be done online without leaving your home.
The main thing is to provide reliable data. The resume application must be accompanied by proof of job loss (certificate, employment extract, order to terminate the employment relationship). This benefit will be automatically added to your unemployment benefits once you become unemployed. Information about the amount and timing of payments will be sent to the citizen in electronic form, online. Payments will be transferred to the applicant's specified bank account. Who is not eligible for this assistance
Despite the fact that this support measure expands the list of families who are eligible for assistance, a number of families will not receive benefits, namely:
- families where parents do not have citizenship of the Russian Federation;
- families where parents have limited rights to children and are deprived of parental rights.
Such families are not able to receive any assistance from the state; - families where, upon loss of work, parents or one of the parents (guardians, adoptive parents, foster parents, trustees) do not have official unemployed status, that is, they could not or did not want to register with the Central Employment Service and receive official unemployed status;
- families where a parent or parents (guardians, adoptive parents, foster parents, trustees) were fired from work for violating labor discipline;
- self-employed and existing individual entrepreneurs, even if they currently have no income;
- citizens who provided inaccurate information when contacting the CZN.
If you need to receive this support, you should know:
- the subsidy is provided for each child under 18 years of age, i.e. if the family is large and has 4 children, then the monthly subsidy will be 12 thousand rubles;
— the subsidy is given to only one of the parents, even if both parents have been declared unemployed since 03/01/2020, do not forget that this money is allocated by the state for the child;
- the subsidy does not depend on whether or not the parents still have any social payments, the money is allocated only to the child;
— the subsidy also does not depend on the income and sources of income of the family.
In the situation that is currently happening in the country, it is difficult for everyone, but it is more difficult for families with children, especially large ones, and such support measures could not be more helpful (it is not a large amount and will not cover all the needs of the family, but it is better than nothing). The state takes care of its citizens as best it can, but citizens must understand that this support measure is temporary, for only 3 months. And at the end of all preventive measures, you will have to return to normal life and provide for your families and children yourself.

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