no smoking
Is it possible to smoke on the balcony of your apartment: apartment building, new law
Since October 1, 2019, a ban has been imposed on the use of open fire on balconies.
Policy for a newborn: what documents are needed and how to get it
The birth of a child is a fabulous moment for anyone.
Tickets to the circus
Circus tickets for large families: free and discounted tickets to the circus, museums, and parks
A large family is considered one of the types of socially vulnerable segments of the population that require government support, since
change of child's surname
How to change a child’s surname: without the father’s consent, upon receipt of a passport, to the mother’s surname
The application is submitted by the mother and father or a representative acting under a power of attorney.
Skip kindergarten: without a certificate, without sick leave, how many times a week can you
How long can you be absent from school without a certificate?
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