When can an unemployed person retire early?
  It is not so rare that situations arise when an employee has a couple of days left before retirement.
Passport replacement at 20 and 45 years old
Outline of the article: 1. Introduction. 2. Application deadlines. 3. Where can I change my passport? 4. Documents
plots for large families
Providing plots to large families
Thanks to the law, families with more than 3 minor children (natural or adopted) can receive free
documents for retirement
Documents for applying for an old-age pension
Upon reaching a certain age, every Russian citizen can begin applying for a pension.
divorce papers
What documents are needed to file for divorce?
Divorce is a rather painful process for couples, and if minors become hostages in it
benefits for single mothers
Single mother's allowance
In this regard, legislative acts prescribe privileges for single mothers and
young family program
Young family in St. Petersburg: program, conditions, queue
The target program of St. Petersburg “Youth - affordable housing” is currently one of the most
claim for division of property
Division of property after divorce: sample application
If the divorcing couple cannot reach an amicable resolution to the issue of joint division
property division
How to file for division of property after divorce: sample claim, statute of limitations
Spouses divorce for various reasons, and this process is always unpleasant, and one of the procedures
compensation for kindergarten
Compensation for kindergarten: how much and how to apply
According to Russian legislation, kindergarten services are paid for - there is a fixed payment.
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