How to become Dominican

The Dominican Republic has a maritime climate.
The Cordillera mountain ranges provide relief from the sweltering heat.
The agricultural sector has been developed, ferronickel production has been established, and the infrastructure of international tourism is rapidly developing - foreigners are attracted by excellent beaches with white sand and palm trees.
Immigration is attractive both for tourists coming on vacation, and for entrepreneurs and investors who want to invest in the economy of the republic.
Methods of immigration for permanent residence
Residence permit (RP).
Permanent residence (permanent residence).
Purchase of real estate.
Investments in various sectors of the economy.
Organizing your own company.
Obtaining citizenship.
Residence permit (residence permit)
You can get in with a foreign passport; you are allowed to live without a visa for 30 days; if you live longer, you will have to pay a fine.
If you buy real estate, you will be issued a residence permit without delay, which will need to be renewed annually.
Organizing your own company and investing in various sectors of the Dominican economy.
There are conditions for businessmen - providing jobs to Dominicans, the salary should be from 200 dollars.
It should be noted that when investing in the economy, there are no privileges for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship.

Permanent residence (permanent residence)
Marriage with a citizen or citizen of the Dominican Republic, by entering into it, you will immediately receive permanent residence; another three years will pass when you will be able to obtain a Dominican passport.
Purchasing real estate makes it possible to obtain a residence permit; after living for seven years (in accordance with the new legislation), you can count on permanent residence. When receiving permanent residence, you receive all the rights equal to Dominicans, except for the right to vote.

Obtaining citizenship
Documents for citizenship can be submitted two years after you receive permanent residence. Dual citizenship is allowed.

Ways of immigration for permanent residence
There are two such ways - either registration in Moscow at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, or in the country itself.
Obtaining an immigration visa to obtain a residence permit.
Documents received in the Russian Federation, except for a foreign passport, must be translated into Spanish, signed by a translator and certified by a notary, and the notary’s signature must be certified at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Moscow.
You will also need an apostille, a square stamp affixed to documents certified by a notary.
The application is considered within 30 days, the result is communicated to the applicant.
Upon arrival in the country, you must undergo a medical examination, a referral for which is received in Moscow.
The applicant submits to the migration service the following documents to obtain a residence permit:
- a foreign passport with an immigration visa,
- a copy of the foreign passport,
- a birth certificate, -
a certificate of no criminal record,
- medical insurance,
- a certificate of passing a medical commission,
- filled out online and a printed application form for a residence permit,
4 frontal photographs and 4 right profile photographs measuring 2x2 cm.
After submitting the application, fingerprinting is carried out.
All documents must be translated into Spanish and apostilled.
The passport is valid for at least 1.5 years.
It will take up to six months to review the documents.
Registration of permanent residence:
Having lived under a residence permit for 5 years, you can obtain permanent residence.
The first time permanent residence is issued for 1 year, after extension, for 4 years.
To obtain permanent residence, you need to contact the Dominican Republic migration service.
Have the following documents with you:
- an application form signed with your own hand,
- an application form filled out through the migration service website,
- a certificate of no criminal record from the prosecutor's office,
- a temporary residence permit,
- 6 photographs 2x2 cm (front view - 3 and in the right profile 3),
- a foreign passport valid for at least 1.5 years,
marriage and birth certificates (if available),
insurance policy.
Registration of citizenship:
After living for 2 years with permanent residence, you can apply for citizenship.
The migration service already has information about you, so fewer documents are needed.
What is included in the package of documents for citizenship: - passport,
- sedula (internal identity card),
- permission for permanent residence,
- application form.
After reviewing the package of documents - an interview.
Having received Dominican Citizenship, you can enjoy nature, beaches, warm ocean and air. Good luck to everyone and may you have enough of everything.

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