Alimony agreement

Alimony for minor children or other disabled relatives can be paid not only by court decision.
If it is possible to agree on the amount of payments without the participation of government authorities, an alimony agreement can be concluded. This document confirms that payments made as alimony are not just a gift to a relative, but precisely the amount that a person undertakes to provide for the maintenance of a disabled family member. The document on the agreement on alimony, according to the established form, always contains:
signatures of the parties who agreed on alimony;
information about who and to whom pays the agreed amounts, with what frequency, and also in what amount.
Without an alimony agreement, after some time of actually receiving payments, a relative may go to court and claim that he did not receive anything, although he was entitled to it.
Then the one who has already spent the allocated funds will be obliged to pay them again in accordance with the writ of execution. Alimony can be any amount per month or any other period.
When making calculations, you need to start from the minimum subsistence amount of the specific region of residence of the supported relative: less than this amount cannot be paid by law. Regular payments may not be given in the form of money, but the value of any valuables not expressed in finance must meet the requirements for a living wage. In addition to regular payments, you can transfer a share in real estate or, say, an entire apartment, a car and other similar valuables to a relative at a time. Alimony received under an agreement is also not subject to tax on the additional income of an individual, like alimony paid by court decision.
If the tax service decides to inquire about the receipts on the card, the agreement will help confirm the legality of receiving specific payments. A person paying child support can apply for a tax deduction, armed with a document confirming the existence of a child support agreement. The deduction for one and two offspring is 1,400 rubles per child, and for the third child it is already three thousand rubles. In order to confirm the presence of children and payments, you will need to provide confirmation to the accounting department at your place of work; an alimony agreement is quite suitable as such confirmation.

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